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Thursday, 31 October 2019 07:48

Presentation by Mr. Andreas Chrysostomou, CEO at Marine Fields Port Call data Sharing Platforms

Limassol, 30th October 2019


Presentation by Mr. Andreas Chrysostomou, CEO at Marine Fields
Port Call data Sharing Platforms

On the 29th October , Cyprus Marine Club held a presentation by Mr. Andreas Chrysostomou -CEO at Marine Fields entitled “Port Call Data Sharing platforms”. Mr. Chrysostomou with his congenial, appealing way managed to attract attention of every single member and guest of Cyprus Marine Club.

Marine Fields inspired by what digitization can bring to the maritime industry offers possibilities for en-hanced digital collaboration between shipping companies, ports and terminals. Inspired from other transport sectors, opportunities with satellite-based connectivity, and different emerging concepts (such as enablers of Sea Traffic Management), we are now taking a first step towards real-time standardized sharing of time stamps through an open, inter-operable non-proprietary platform, an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) creating vast benefits for involved stakeholders in sea transports and port call operations.

By acknowledging each shipping actor’s autonomy the Marine Fileds product builds upon a generic software that is adapted to, and implemented at e.g. ports .This software is a data management platform offering standardized ways of providing and subscribing on time stamps connecting ships and ports by high capacity broadband satellite connectivity. This software is also complemented with the MarineFields solution for qual-ity assurance and “global” connectivity interfacing with existing systems, stakeholder systems, by automatic connectors thereby inviting actors connectivity with actors operating within and between multiple ports. The technology builds upon latest cutting edge open source development based on intelligent algorithms for cre-ating situational awareness to be consumed by involved actors and service providers.

Capt. Koch, in his welcome speech, invited members to the next members Meeting on November 19th with presentation by Mr. Petros Achtypis, CEO at Prevention at Sea entitled “e-ORB – the next generation”.
The President took also an opportunity to announce that the third New Year Gala will take place on January 10th 2020 in Parklane Hotel. For reservations, please call or drop an email to: info@cyprusmarineclub.org.cy.

The Cyprus Marine Club is that embraces and encourages a plethora of maritime industry stakeholders for friendly membership. Ship Owners, Ship Managers, Crew Managers, Service Providers & Suppliers, Agents, Terminal Operators, Legal and Financial and more, come together with a focused effort to promote and celebrate the Cyprus maritime industry and share experiences.

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